One Dress, Many Adventures – The Ultimate Travel Dress

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Imagine if you could get 20+ outfits from just one dress. The Ultimate Travel Dress from Kameleon Rose does just that! And better yet, it is lightweight, quick drying and wrinkle free – the perfect dress for travelling!

Ultimate Travel Dress - Playsuit

The Ultimate Travel Dress

I was asked to test drive the Ultimate Travel Dress, and I thought why not show off some of my favourite spots around Canberra at the same time! With this one dress, you can have many adventures at home and all over the world! Here are some of my favourite outfits using the Ultimate Travel Dress.

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The Ultimate Travel Dress
Ultimate Travel Dress - Spanish style

The Ultimate Travel Dress comes in a range of colours and sizes, but I couldn’t go past the vibrant fire-engine Red. If you are after something more subtle, the Black, Navy or Khaki also look nice!

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Ultimate Travel Dress styling - top


As mentioned above, the Ultimate Travel Dress is light and can be rolled up into a small bundle when travelling. There’s even a hidden piece of elastic that can hold the rolled bundle together, so it takes up less space in your carry-on. Other features that make it perfect for travels are:

  • Hidden zip pocket in the skirt
  • Can be worn 20+ ways (so you don’t have to worry about all your photos looking like you haven’t changed outfits!)
  • Quick drying
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Breathable
Ultimate Travel Dress options - Cape

How does it fit?

I went for the Medium, and it fits quite well. In saying that, I am quite short, so I think the fit suits girls with a longer torso, as skirt didn’t quite sit right on my hips. Thankfully, the dress can be rolled, folded and tucked, so this wasn’t really an issue.

Ultimate Travel Dress Halterneck top
Ultimate Travel Dress Scoop Neck top

Are you a fan of lightweight travel? You should check out our post on How to Travel Light for Two Weeks with our CabinZero carry-on bags!

Overall, the dress is comfy and I really liked that it could be worn as a skirt, dress, playsuit, 3/4 pants, top and even cape!

Ultimate Travel Dress styling options
Ultimate Travel Dress Cape
The Ultimate Travel Dress looks

What is your favourite look? If you like the idea of lightweight travel, but still want to have multiple outfit options, you should definitely check out the Ultimate Travel Dress from KameleonRose! And don’t forget to use our code TRAVELLING for 10% off!

Thank you to KameleonRose for sending me The Ultimate Travel Dress to test and review. As always, opinions are our own

Ultimate Travel Dress - skirt

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