5 tips for Saving Money on Your European Adventure


    Money, money, money…

    Saving for that big European adventure is a big deal. You’ve probably worked extra shifts, sacrificed nights out with friends and resisted buying well, anything, in order to make your dreams of cobblestone streets, ancient ruins and artistic masterpieces a reality. But while you want to experience the best Europe has to offer, it can still be expensive. So how do you make your money go that little bit further? Try these five tips for saving money to make the most of your European adventure. (more…)

    The Travel-Ling Guide to Planning Travel

    Ling in Paris“Viajas más que el baúl de la Piquer”, my friend once said to me. It translates to, “You travel more than the trunk of Piquer”; a Spanish saying from the 40s relating to Concha Piquer, a Spanish singer who travelled the world singing and had the country stickers all over her trunk (suitcase) to prove it. During this year, we’ve been blessed to spend almost every weekend travelling and since September, have visited 8 different countries. How do we do it you may ask?


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