What to Eat in Japan – More Than Sushi

    If you visit Japan and just stick to eating sushi or ramen, you are doing it wrong. Japan is a foodie’s delight, with a plethora of food options that will please all tastes. Fresh seafood, flavoursome soups and delicious street food are just a small selection of the...
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    Bali Without The Bogans

    “Ling, I’ve been told to call you a Bogan”, my friend Ara said to me at Denpasar airport, eagerly waiting for my reaction. “What!?” I yelled, as the others around us began to giggle. After the laughter passed, Ara turned back to me and sheepishly asked, “What’s a...
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    Raja Ampat – True Paradise

    Imagine a place where sunsets are so vibrant and perfect, they look like they’ve come out of Salvador Dalí’s dreams. A place where time is not counted by minutes or hours, but by the caress of each wave against the shore. Where luscious, green forests are broken...
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    A weekend in the Finnish Lapland

    The Finnish Lapland is like a playground for adults who never quite grew up. Amongst the winter wonderland you can chase the northern lights, take a husky safari through the countryside and stay in a glass igloo in the middle of nowhere. So being kids at heart, that’s...
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