Tokyo: The day I fought a Sumo

    I’ve been fascinated by sumo for years now. Their strength, flexibility, the many traditions that go along with it. And how gents that large can move so fast, I will never quite understand. So when I had the chance to wrestle a real sumo while visiting Tokyo, Japan,...
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    Things to do Before Your Trip to Japan

    Are you heading to Japan soon? Yay! Get ready to eat all the yummy food, see amazing temples and lose yourself in exciting cities. But before you jump on the plane, there’s a few other things you should get ready to ensure a fantastic trip to the Land of the Rising...
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    Glass Igloos of Finland

    If these photos don’t make you want to stay in a glass igloo… nothing will… You had me at glass igloo When I first saw a photo of the glass igloos of Kakslauttanen in Finland, I was entranced, and immediately dreamt about staying there. So when I did the Auxiliares...
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    What to Eat in Japan – More Than Sushi

    If you visit Japan and just stick to eating sushi or ramen, you are doing it wrong. Japan is a foodie’s delight, with a plethora of food options that will please all tastes. Fresh seafood, flavoursome soups and delicious street food are just a small selection of the...
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