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Australia – Perfect for Tailor Made Holidays


How do you make sure you get the most out of your holiday? Go tailor-made. If you want a stress free and action-packed break, it really makes sense to consult travel experts like those at Flight Centre to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Continue reading

Feria Comparison: Sevilla vs Córdoba

Sevilla vs CórdobaWe were fortunate enough last year to experience both Ferias in Sevilla and Córdoba (and our local Feria in Pozoblanco). Feria de abril is done and dusted for this year, but if you happen to be in Córdoba during May, you are in for a treat.  Continue reading

Malaysian Cooking at LaZat & Kari Ayam Recipe

LaZat22It’s no secret that we are foodies. We love to cook food almost as much as we love to eat it. Tasting dishes around the world is one of the things we prioritise when we travel. From learning how to cook croquetas in Spain, to finding new dishes I’m inspired to learn to cook in our own kitchen, our passion for food and travel is synonymous and something that connects us to the destinations we’ve visited, not only abroad, but back home too. With that in mind, I couldn’t go to Malaysia, a country that has an amazing cuisine, without learning how to cook some of the delicious dishes there. This is where LaZat comes in.

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Cheap Hacks for Your Next London Trip


London is a desirable destination for many. However, as desirable as the Big Smoke may be, it is no secret that it is an expensive destination. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right knowledge and insider info, London can be enjoyed on a budget. Continue reading

Montpellier: Could this French town rival Paris?

Montpellier France

When planning a trip to the south of France, you should definitely consider Montpellier. The city used to rival Paris as France’s pre-eminent city back in the day, but how does it compare today? Bustling with young energy, still with plenty of historical monuments to explore and easy access to a beach, Montpellier has a lot going for it.

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