Robot Restaurant Review

    If you didn’t think the neon lights of Tokyo could shine any brighter, then you haven’t been to Robot Restaurant. You can see the neon signs, wrapped around the building from a block away. Like a magnet, Robot Restaurant draws all the curious explorers in, with its...
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    The Ultimate way to explore Kyoto… in a Kimono

    Couples who kimono together, stay together, right? Kyoto is known for its exquisite temples and beautifully adorned geishas, dressed in colourful kimonos and yukatas (a lighter and cooler version of the kimono for summer). It also happens to be somewhere where it’s...
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    Buddha Bellies Cooking School – Stomping on Udon

    “Alright everyone, the timer has been set to 5 minutes. Time to start stomping!” I never thought I’d be making udon noodles with our feet, and yet there we were, at Buddha Bellies Cooking School in Tokyo, on our first 5 minute round (of 3 rounds total) stomping away...
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    Tokyo: The day I fought a Sumo

    I’ve been fascinated by sumo for years now. Their strength, flexibility, the many traditions that go along with it. And how gents that large can move so fast, I will never quite understand. So when I had the chance to wrestle a real sumo while visiting Tokyo, Japan,...
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